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  • Sean says:

    Good afternoon! Just saw the flyer on Telegram and your calendar where the Blue Eyed Devils and Final Verdict are playing in Pittsburg on Oct 10! I want to see them so bad and willing to travel from NY to Pittsburg. I do not see a location for the event. Can someone please advise the details and cost.

  • Fuckin commies says:

    Ironically I found the event poster on fb in a local “metal” group bashing and most likely planning and threatening to interrupt the event. I’m interested in coming, could I get a location? I also have screen shots of the comments bashing the event in case tries to start anything so you have names.

  • Ron McDevitt says:

    Would definitrly drive up from MD for this where is it?

  • oldschool88 says:

    Blue eyed devils! Now that’s taking it back! Let me know when there are more details, I’m want to make the drive up there to see them

  • Izzy Green says:

    Awesome! Are tickets being sold? Where and when? I am in the city for it!!

    • Alice Sinclair says:

      What’s the address for the show ? Would love to come down with my friends

  • Nordic Sun says:

    For more info please write to the American Defense Records

  • John says:

    I have wanted to see Blue Eyed Devils since I was a kid. Can I get information on where this is going to be?

    • Nordic Sun says:

      John, thats great. Just write to the Amercan Defense Records. Or ask the Comrades from PA

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