Code 291 / Mistreat – United in pride vol. 3.


Label: Midgard Records

Year: 2020

Genre: Rock
Country: Sweden, Finland

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United in Pride enters the third round and two of the best bands from the High North give themselves the honor.

This is of course about Jocke Karlsson with his boys from Code 291 and the legendary gentleman from Mistreat. In principle, after all these years not much has to be said about these two bands or musicians – Both bands convince once again with their respective 5 Songs. Masterpiece!

1. War is here
2. Silent majority
3. Our pride
4. Born a soldier
5. Virus in our land

Code 291

6. Mother Europe talk to me
7. Rise warrior, rise
8. Final Sacrifice
9. Honor is all we know
10. With victory comes glory

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