1a Vanguardia ‎– Sounds Of Hate – Skinhead Anthems


Release date: 2017
Genre: Rock, Oi!

Country: Spain

Label: B&H Records

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The Spanish 1a Vanguardia is a Madrid R.A.C. band, which has existed since 1996, is made up of real veterans. In 2017, they released a new album, bringing the eighties Oi! /R.A.C. salute their bands. They play real, unadulterated skinhead rock, free from all sorts of modern style tickets. A real old school treat!


1 Crucified Skinhead
2 Defendiendo Tus Ideas
3 Patria
4 Pin Up
5 R.I.P.
6 Herido
7 La Estafa De La Working Class
8 Odio
9 Guerreros De Odin
10 No Hay Honor
11 Derechos Humanos
12 Skin Girl

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