Absurd – Das neue Blutgericht


Label: Schwarzburg Produktionen

Year: 2018
Genre: Metal, NSBM

Country: Germany


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The song “Der Henker” that was featured on the original release Blutgericht has been removed in order to prevent this release from being indexed in Germany. Instead “Größer als der Tod” that was first released on the same-named EP has been added as bonus track as it was part of the very same recording session.
Comes with 16-pages booklet.
1. Gottloses Mordgesindel
2. Heidenwut
3. Winterdämon
4. Die Galgenbrüder
5. Sturm bricht los
6. Die Freiheitskämpfer
7. Kriegertod
8. Totentanzlied aus Flandern
9. Wolfsblut
10. Größer als der Tod

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