Die Aristokraken – Nonkonforme Noten


Label: National Resistance Records
Release: 2008
Genre: Rock, Pop, Punk
Country: Germany

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One of Henry8’s great albums, the name alone is a guarantee of quality entertainment.
1 Klang Der Epoche
2 In Diesem Chaos
3 Der Plutokrat
4 Junger Soldat
5 Willkommen Im Theater
6 Aristocraci(cum) Laudae I
7 Barney Gumble
8 Aristocraci(cum) Laudae II
9 Meine Söhne
10 Selbsthassmonster
Music By – Storm
11 Schnüffler ABC
12 Nineteenhundredfortyfive
13 It’s Not Over
14 Right Wing Porn

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