Heiliger Krieg – Nach Alter Väter Hitte


Label: Oldschool Records
Release: 2022
Genre: Rock
Country: Germany

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Released by Oldschool Records / It doesn’t take many words, so briefly and in all clarity, the new album of Heiliger Krieg is available. An intro and 13 brand new songs that hit like artillery fire and teach the enemies of Germany to fear. What more do you want to read now? You know what to expect, after all, after a 6 year break, one of the leading bands of the German right-wing rock scene is marching again and they are in a class of their own. So go ahead, access!!!
1 Sonnenrad
2 Dem Banner Treu
3 Die Flamme In Dir
4 Change Of Times
5 Erwachen
6 Nach Alter Väter Sitte
7 Am Horizont
Music By – Fortress
8 Elite Spirit
9 Intro Schattenkrieg
10 Schattenkrieg
Music By – Day Of The Sword
11 Der Gefallenen Klage
12 Unser Dank
Music By – Battlefield
13 What Have We Done?
14 The Boys Are Back

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Heiliger Krieg – Nach Alter Väter Sitte

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