Józan Zoltán – Győzelem vagy Valhalla


Published: 2021. Június

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Valhalla is one of if not the most troubled NS skinhead bands in Hungary. During it’s existence is paved with initial wing trials, member changes, litigation, dissolution, reorganization, and many ordeals, but in spite of all these difficulties, during nearly a quarter of a century of operation, he has enjoyed countless cheerful, heart-warming, self-indulgent, unforgettable experiences. also those who lurk against it. The story of Valhalla is a success story. Guided by a sense of mission, they carried out their mission in the face of trials and tribulations, and finally passed the baton to the next generation on his well-deserved resting track. This book is a worthy conclusion to this success story. It’s chapters revive legendary concerts, anecdotes, accounts, heartbreaking stories, but, for example, the veil falls on one or two people who are “standard” in Hungarian skinhead circles, showing their true faces and their true selves. In today’s internet-driven world, the appearance of a real book has always been a fresh highlight, especially if this book is meant to present the history of one of the most authentic bands of the turn of the millennium, Valhalla. Written in Hungarian.

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