Various – Klassic Klan Kompositions


Label: Sunwheel Records
Release: 1996
Genre: Country

Country: USA

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29 country hits from the real America. Original Sunwheel Records release.
1 Johnny Rebel– Some Niggers Never Die
2 Johnny Rebel– Stay Away From Dixie
3 Johnny Rebel– Nigger Hatin’ Me
4 Johnny Rebel– Who Likes A Nigger
5 Johnny Rebel– Nigger – Nigger
6 Johnny Rebel– Move Them Niggers North
7 Johnny Rebel– Kajun Ku Klux Klan
8 Johnny Rebel– Lookin’ For A Handout
9 Johnny Rebel– Federal Aid
10 Johnny Rebel– Keep A Workin’ Big Jim
11 Johnny Rebel– Coon Town
12 Johnny Rebel– Still Lookin For A Handout
13 James Crow – Cowboys & Niggers
14 Colonel Lou– Johnny Rebel
15 Jesse James – The South’s Gonna Rise Again
16 White Riders– Stand Up & Be Counted
17 White Riders– Dixie
18 Ski King– The Great Society
19 Coon Hunters – We Don’t Want Niggers In Our Schools
20 Coon Hunters – Nigger – Nigger
21 James Crow – NAACP Prayer
22 Odis And The 3 Bigots– Ship Those Niggers Back
23 Odis And The 3 Bigots– We Is Non-Violent Niggers
24 Son Of Mississippi– Marty & His Beatnik Band
25 The Confederates– The South Shall Rise Again
26 Col. Sharecropper– Segregation Wagon
27 Col. Sharecropper– Move Them Niggers North
28 Texas BS Band– She Ran Off With A Nigger
Songwriter – Ronnie D. Foster
29 Big Reb– Nigger Hattin’ Me

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