Mistreat / White Minority – Split


Label: D88, Europa Erwache Productions
Year: 2021
Genre: Rock

Country: Finnország

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Two Finnish veteran RAC bands, the more than 30-year-old Mistreat and White Minority, which has been around for almost 20 years, have written 5-5 new songs for this album. The CD starts with five songs from Mistreat, continues where they left off the album “Heartless Bastards”, wrote their own song and also recorded 4 punk covers for this split. After a long hiatus, the White Minority returned, releasing new songs from their hands after 15 years. The band brought traditional skinhead rock to nationalist music life and remained true to their own musical style. The album was released by Finnish D88 Records and Europa Erwache Productions in digipack format, with internal booklet lyrics. The album is a must for all fans of the bands, simply because of the band’s stubbornly long history. Few bands peak during decades and decades of legal problems caused by nationalist activism, at least of which Mistreat has been able to experience his part during his concerts. These bands have earned their place in the history of the Finnish RAC.
01. Mistreat – 1990 2:53
02. Mistreat – Foreign Policy 2:05
03. Mistreat – Stab The Judge 2:20
04. Mistreat – Think Straight 2:08
05. Mistreat – I’m On Fire 4:23

06. White Minority – Antifa 3:49
07. White Minority – Never Denied 3:46
08. White Minority – No More Lies 4:02
09. White Minority – Send Them Back 4:01
10. White Minority – United Strength 2:28

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Mistreat – Foreign Policy

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