Romantikus Erőszak – A hazáéért (zöld) MCD+ DVD


Label: Hadak Útja Kiadó
Release: 2022
Genre: Rock
Country: Hungary

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The final part of Romer’s three-part EP series (the first two were red and white) was released on the occasion of the big Barba Negra concert on 22 October 2022, courtesy of the Hadak Útja label. The CD features seven new compositions, new songs and previously unreleased recordings that fit perfectly into Romer’s substantial oeuvre. A bonus DVD is also included with the digipack CD, featuring material from the 2019 Flames of ’56 Rock Commemoration (22 October 2019).
01. Acélmadár
02. Székely Hadosztály
03. Don-Kanyar
04. Davajgitár
05. Mindig Skinhead
06. Hiszek Abban (Ossian)
07. Az a nép még mindig él (Kalapács)

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Romantikus Erőszak – Mindig Skinhead

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