Svastika / No Remorse – We play for you


Label: Midgard Records

Year: 2000 (1994)
Genre: Rock

Country: Svédország / Anglia

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This is the gig that went on after the biggest manifestation that the Swedish NS-movement has had since the second world war. 800 activists dressed in black marched through the town of Alingsås despite the efforts from the law enforcement to stop them where they held a rally at the town square.

After the action Svastika and No Remorse played at “Folkets park” in Sollebrunns. This is your chance to get your ticket in if you weren’t there for some reason…
1 Svastika – De Stupades Blod
2 Svastika – Day Of The Rope
3 Svastika – Frihetskamp
4 Svastika – Streetfight
5 Svastika – Ni Kan Aldrig Stoppa Oss
6 Svastika – Aryan Pride
7 Svastika – Hell Seger
8 No Remorse – Smash The Reds
9 No Remorse – European Skinhead Army
10 No Remorse – See You In Valhalla
11 No Remorse – Waiting For The Storm
12 No Remorse – Under The Gods
13 No Remorse – We Fly The Swastika
14 No Remorse – Tree Of Life
15 No Remorse – The Flame Than Never Dies
16 No Remorse – European Friendship
17 No Remorse – Tomorrow Belongs To Us
18 No Remorse – Farewell Ian Stuart

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