Temnozor – Folkstorm of the Azure Nights


Label: Pagan War Distro
Release: 2013 (2005)
Genre: NSBM, Pagan black metal
Country: Russia

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According to the band, Temnozor is an archaic Russian word nowadays used only in some rural dialects. It means “deep dark twilights before the dawn” and also could be understood as “manifestation to the Spirit of sunrise”.
Classic and best album of pagan BM scene !
1 Folkstorm Of The Azure Nights 8:42
2 Vranakrik 5:31
3 Where The Lazure Skies Tear The Hearts Apart 7:52
4 Watch The Falcons Fly 4:41
5 As The Autumn Razors Sing Above My Veins 7:20
6 Arkona 4:58
7 Tell Me, Ye Scarlet Dewsented Sunrises
Written-By – Traditional

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