Under The Black Sun ‎– Hate Rock


Release: 2009
Genre: Rock, Metal

Label: Frontschwein Records

Country: Germany

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New band from Thuringia, rumour has it from the surroundings of a very well-known combo from there. They offer a mix of metal and RAC with a rather concise voice or voices, because besides the tube there is a nice clear voice to hear. Lyrics are in the upper third for a debut. Presentation and sound fit in seamlessly and so one can only speak of a successful debut for label and band. 10 songs, 44 minutes playing time!

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1 Hate Rock
2 Volk Steh Auf!
3 60 Jahre
4 The Horns Are Calling
5 Frontsoldaten
6 Schwarze Sonne
7 Treue Herzen
8 Don’t Believe
9 Under The Black Sun
10 Des Todes Augen

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