We Want War – Erratic


Label: Tinnitus Records

Genre: Metal

Country: Sweden
Year: 2020

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The Swedish NS Metal Band is back with their 4th album. 10 songs will guide you thru the illness of this world. With hard riffs, smashing drums and vocals that know to surprise is the band clearly on the march forward to victory. Every song has it’s own way to tell a story and brings a clear message to all of you. With “The Flatlander”, WWW added also a guest singer to 2 of their songs and that was an absolute success, especially at the Final War cover “Tales of Honor”, which turned our as one of the best covers we ever heard. The whole thing was rounded up by a great booklet design.

1. Erratic
2. Hollow word
3. Tomorrow never comes
4. The Wanderer
5. Nordic myth 20th anniversary
6. Anti Antifa
7. New World Order
8. Eighty Eight
9. I am made of
10. Tales of Honor (Final War cover)

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