The Yardbombs – Police state


Label: Nordic Sun Records

Year: 2021
Genre: Rock

Country: Australia

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Jesse has been really active lately, with a new Deaths Head album, a new Kilgore CD and now the punkrock/psycho madness is also back. 1312


1. Police State
2. People Are Shit
3. Frontal Lobotomy
4. You’are A Minority!
5. Talk Shit Get Hit
6. Where Have All The White Folk Gone?
7. Violence In Our Minds (The Last Resort)
8. Bomber
9. What A Wonderful World
10. Pigs Are Gonna Fly
11. Caitlyn Jenners Dick
12. You Gotta Live For Something
13. Soylent Green
14. A Short Sharp Shock
15. Nostalgia (aint the way it used to be)

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