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Here is the British Patriot’s new album in digipack format. Angry, aggressive music, the lyrics mainly about public problems.

Official music video:

“White Gigolos / Battle Shout – Jocke jokes again” is soon to be released in a digipak CD format which pays respects to the work of Jocke (Pluton Svea, Pitbullfarm, Code 291) in covers of various styles.

Our latest t-shirt is now available in this sizes:
Man: S-5XL
Woman: S-XXL

Bigger boys(4XL-5XL) can also choose from some of the older patterns.

Because Bitchute made our channel inaccessible from an European IP address, many of the introduction songs for CDs are inaccessible. We are constantly uploading songs to Odysee. Please be patient while everything uploads.

For new and old videos, follow here:

Latest news on the label’s Telegram channel:

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