Due to the national emergency, the concert is cancelled.

18.30 Gate opening
19.30 Igazságtétel (HUN)
20.30 Marder (FIN)
22.00 Archívum (HUN)
23.30 Burning Hate (GER)

Hard times, hard tunes, explicit lyrics.

The evening will be opened by the promising Igazságtétel who, according to their own admission
play aggressive rural hatecore.

The momentum will not be broken, and the performance of the Finnish Marder trash/hc will attack our senses.
Interview with the band: http://undergroundrevolution09.blogspot.com/2020/02/marder-interview-english-version.html?m=1

We can be sure that Hungary’s oldest NS band won’t disappoint, the new singer hasn’t been a disadvantage to the band, if you haven’t seen it, your place is here!

NSHC legend from Germany! If you don’t know them, just check out their latest official video.

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