18.30 door opening
19.30 Ungebetene Gäste (GER)
20.15 Stalag (PL)
21.30 Battleshout (EUR)
22.45 Code 291 (SWE)
24.00 White Gigolos (GER)

Ungebetene Gäste (DE)

1. Please introduce the band, have you played or do you currently play in other bands?

Hello and cheers to you. In 2020 we are 10 years on the road and we don´t want to keep calm in the future.
We have played a lots of gigs in germany and also abroad (Czech Republic, Switzerland, Netherlands etc.). Also we are active as a “Unplugged Band” for smaller partys!
We have published 4 CDs and some songs for different compilations. Currently nobody of our guys is playing in other bands. The whole focus is on UGG!

The current line up is:

Vocals: Zabel / Guitar: Fio / Guitar: Harry / Bass: Lemmy / Drums: Ron

2. Where and how often do you perform?

It´s different. We are all very busy with usually things like family, work and sport. But round about we have 10 shows a year incl. the Unplugged evenings.

3. Have you ever been to Budapest / Hungary.

Oh yes, countless times i´ve been in Budapest and also for vacation with my family. We visited the Balaton area. Great place to spend their holidays there! I love your country!

4. Do you know any other performers at “Nordic Sun Fest”?

Yes we know Pitbullfarm. Back in autumn 2013 we´ve played a Weekend Tour with them called “Little Pussy Tour”. The shows took place in Pomerania and Saxonia! Also we´ve played a show with them in the Netherlands together with Kategorie C in front of 700 peoples. It was amazing! We have never seen Stalag, White Gigolos and Battleshout before but that´s no problem. Hope to meet them on the bar and share some cold drinks with this guys! I have to say we are very thankful to be a part of this Fest. Europe is always on my mind. No more brotherwars!

5. Why do you think it is worth for the audience to come to this party?

As i wrote it above in the last lines. At first, we have all stick togehter in this dark days of europe and if we have unity we can reach our common goals! And of this point of view for my opinion it´s great to have such partys. Second to name, our performance on stage. It´s powerful and for sure our singer, he is a party head ! You will love him and later you will curse him

Ungebetene Gäste
February 2020

Stalag (PL)

Hi, we’ve been playing since 2012, the band was founded by Maciek, the vocalist – Previously played in the oi! band called Dewastators. Kuba and Paweł play guitars, Miłosz plays bass and Igor plays drums. All the rest of the band played in various metal projects before.

So far we’ve only played in Poland. Maybe because we only sing in Polish, haha. So far we’ve played 8 concerts
Each of us once was in Hungary on vacation or in a concert, but none of us had been to your capital before, so cool that we can play there!

Yes, we even played Code 291 once in Warsaw. We didn’t know the music of the rest of the bands yet, but we hope that we will get to know them better at the festival!

Firstly because such concerts help to meet nationalists from all over Europe, where you can meet, drink or exchange views on the fate of our continent. Of course, it’s also about the fact that rock concerts are the best form of entertainment for us!

Battleshout (EUR)

-Please introduce the band, have you played or do you currently play in other bands?
– hello, we play as Battleshout at the moment, but have been (and do now) play under other names too, most of us are into music for the past 15 years.

-Where and how often do you perform?
– not so often, around handful of times per year. During the years, we had an expirience to play (under various names and with different bands or projects) in some countries like Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Sweden, Romania etc.

Have you ever been to Budapest / Hungary?
– yes, it’s not the first time now!

– Do you know any other performers at “Nordic Sun Fest”?
– honestly, we almost know nothing about Stalag, but soon we will know.

– Why do you think it is worth for the audience to come to this party?
– we will do our best to make them no regret and have a good weekend.

Code 291 (SWE)

Thank you for accepting the invitation again.

-A lot of people know details of what you do on the scene, but would you describe your contributions to different bands?

– What memories do you have of earlier trips to Hungary?

– Do you know them or you are in contact with other performers from the March concert?

-Right now I’m the Singer and bassplayer in Code 291 and bassplayer in Brutal Attack. My music history is more than 30 years and I have play in a lot of bands since I started 1987.
Pro Patria, Pluton Svea, Heysel, Völund Smed, Vinterdis and Pitbullfarm are the most known of them.

-I have only seen Budapest, and I love the city. One day I will go and see more of your beautiful country. My experience of Hungary is a nice and proud people who are very strong in culture and history. I also like Hungarian food and Palinka. Hahaha

Yes, I know them all, we are good friends. I really looking forward to share stage with them in your country

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