Hatestylez / Mighty Whitey and the Dry Heeves – Lonesome & Hateful Electronic Holohoax


Label: Nordic Sun Records

Year: 2021
Genre: Rock, Metal, Industrial, Hellbilly

Country: USA

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Electronic WP album in industrial / hellbilly style. The names of the two contributors are a guarantee of quality, Hatestylez has already released a similar publication and we also know him from the White Power Hour internet radio show. Chris – formerly the frontman of the Midtown Bootboys and Downright Hateful – now entertains the audience on his social media sites with WP country / bluegrass songs called OI Lonesome Jones. The digipack cover was designed by Chris.
1. Awakend Wolves
2. Treason & Death
3. Reality
4. Far Away
5. The Water
6. Seethe
7. Committee of Public Safety
8. For Volk (21 & Beyond Mix)
9. Voices
10. Sadistically Yours
11. To Kingdom Come
12. The Conductor

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