People Haters & Midtown Bootboys – The Beginning


Label: WB Verasand

Year: 2005
Genre: Rock, Oi!

Country: USA

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Two great American RAC band. Songs from them first albums, in better quality.


1 People Haters– We Still Hate People
2 People Haters– Hollywood Jew Watch
3 People Haters– S & M Man
4 People Haters– Pink Door
5 People Haters– Crack Baby
6 Midtown Bootboys– Pride Of Midtown
7 Midtown Bootboys– Free The Order
8 Midtown Bootboys– Bound For Glory
9 Midtown Bootboys– Rich Man’s War
10 Midtown Bootboys– Sleep Well
11 Midtown Bootboys– Rebel Rise

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