No Surrender ‎– Dignity Through Discipline


Year: 2018
Genre: Rock, Oi!

Label: B&H Records

Country: Greece

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No Surrender is the most active and perhaps longest-running Greek R.A.C. band. This album was released in 2018 and is without a doubt the best album of their career so far. Vibrant Oi! /R.A.C. as skinheads love it!


1 My Soul Is Heathen
2 Our Europe Not Theirs
3 Εθνικό Ένστικτο (National Instinct)
4 Lazy Class Fool
5 Παρακμή (Decay)
6 Τελευταίο Θρανίο (Last Desk)
7 Formount Bastard
8 Τρομοκρατία Των Φόρων (Taxes Terror)
9 The Godfather (Instrumental)
10 Hear Your Fear
11 Φόνοι Στον Παράδεισο (Murders In Paradise)
12 Monsters
13 Δώστε (Give)
14 The Glory Doc.
15 Hellenic Glory (Unreleased Version)
16 Oi! For Race And Nation (Unreleased Version)
17 Bomb The J…(Unreleased Version)

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