Nordic Power Rock and Roll CD and NS Brotherhood ladies Tshirt


6 panel digipack with full booklet

Label: Nordic Sun Budapest Records

Year: 2020
Genre: Metal, Rock, NSHC


Premium quality t-shirt made based on the cover of the Nordic Power Rock and Roll sampler CD.
185 g/m2
100% Ring Spun Cotton. Taped neck and shoulders.

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Nordic Sun Records Budapest was established at the end of 2019 with the aim of providing an opportunity to appear both on record and on stage for bands for whom this is not possible or only with great difficulty. We are in a friendly relationship with the bands on this compliation, all either performed with us, we published their publication, or there is one in the works.

1. Hundriver – Voice of Budapest (HUN)
2. Nemini Parco – Vivan las bases! (ESP)
3. Sons of Odin – Odin’s demolition crew (CDN-HUN)
4.Töretlen Hittel – Antiszociális (HUN)
5. LTW ft. Painful Awaking and Path of Resistance – Pirat John (PL-GER)
6. Igazságtétel – Modernkori rabszolga (HUN)
7. Brigada Totenkopf – La hora final (ESP)
8. Hunnia – Gyáva népnek nincs hazája (HUN)
9. Carlsband – Budapest (RUS)
10. Kitörés – Szürke reggel (HUN)
11. 1a Vanguardia – Guerreros de Odin (ESP)
12. Balazs Romer – Szép Ünnep (HUN)
13. Romantikus Erőszak ft Jocke and Benny – Europe Belongs To Me live (HUN-SWE-UK)
14. No Surrender – Ancestors (GRE)
15. NSBP – Nem szól a kürt (HUN)
16. Pitbullfarm – Banned from the khnöllah (SWE)
17. Hundriver – Erotika (HUN)
18. Carlsband – Russian vodka (RUS)
19. Sons of Odin – Whisky and beer (CDN-HUN)

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