Totenkopf – Our symbol is death


Label: Midgard Records
Release: 2018 (2000)
Genre: Rock
Country: Sweden

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The Swedish RAC legend scared outsiders on them first album as SS Totenkopf, on the 2nd (unfortunately last) album the band became Totenkopf.
Radical lyrics in Swedish and English.
1 Straight To Hell
2 A White Man´s World
3 Our Symbol Is Death
4 När Någon Faller Ur Ledet
5 Liar
6 Krossa Demokratin
7 S.H.A.R.P. Skins Must Die
8 Masterplan
9 Sveriges Framsida
10 Till attack
11 War
12 Order Kommer
13 Can’t Be Beaten
14 My child

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