The White Gigolos / Battle Shout – Jocke Jokes Again


Label: Nordic Sun Records Budapest

Year: 2021
Genre: Rock, Metal, Hiphop ūüôā

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An album tribute to the work of Jocke Karlsson (Pluton Svea, Pitbullfarm, Code 291, etc.) was released, which covers the original songs in a very varied way. All the songs are¬†recognizable and extremely fun, as are the drawings on the digipak cover ūüôā
The 5 songs from the part 1 are remastered.
1. Incum
2. Toitonia
3. Freedom & Justice
4. With Full Force
5. Wankers in Blue
6. My 2 Is My 8
7. H.S.H.H.
8. Redneck Alfonso
9. Battlecry
10. The Sharpest Man In Town
11. H.W.G.A.
12. Outcum

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