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Band: Brutal Attack
Album: Tales of Glory (Final Edition)
Label: Midgård Records
Medium: CD
Genre: RAC

01. Tales of Glory
02. While the flame burns
03. Under the hammer
04. Ocean of warriors
05. Light the fire
06. England
07. Raise the fist
08. Free the spirit
09. Lightning strikes
10. Follow me (the warrior awaits)
11. Fight back for europe
12. The blood is strong
13. The hungry and the hunted
14. Gods of war

It is undeniable, Ken McLellan with Brutal Attack has been an unmistakable and important voice of the international right-wing rock scene for a very long time and the longest serving, still active band of the RAC. Over forty years to be exact, almost half a century. That’s something another political rock band has to imitate first. In all these years, a large number of songs have been written and well over twenty albums have been released. That after all these years still no fatigue has taken hold with the Altherrenrunde, is already a remarkable and distinguishes the musical creative power of the music.

With the „Tales of Glory (Final Edition)” now reaches us a successful reissue of the ’89 cult disc from the house Midgård Records. There they have once again, in time-honored tradition, taken great pains to knock the dust off the classic. The material on the album was digitally reworked and thus upgraded, this gives the work a beautiful (new) soundscape and once again proves that the works of Brutal Attack are simply timeless. Also, with this reissue, „Tales of Glory” has now been released for the first time in its intended form. This means that the album was supplemented by the two songs that were unceremoniously deleted at the time and were recycled for the „Gods of War Vol. 3” sampler, among others. „Tales of Glory” is undoubtedly one of the great works of the early phase, really snappy and melodic right-wing rock that has outlasted its time and even today can easily compete with the new crowd-pleasers. Ken McLellan yes already in his early days proved that the textual material under the Brutal Attack banner would be nothing of second-rate nature. This is also proven here, songs like „While the flame burns”, „Fight back for Europe” or the title song „Tales of Glory”, here one successful number follows the next. Besides the rock songs, the album also offers us a successful ballad, the song „Ocean of warriors”.

The „Tales of Glory” album in its final edition is a worthy re-release and easily puts the other, partly more than snotty repressings in the bag. Not only that the sound was reworked and the material was upgraded, also the production itself is successful. A more than special and successful share contributes the presentation. The design is more than successful and should go through as one, if not the strongest cover design at Brutal Attack. Besides some personal words of Ken, the inclined listener will find all the lyrics in the booklet. Midgård Records knows his craft, this proves the Swedish cult label again with this production. Well then, all complete lists and collectors will certainly put the part on the shelf, just because of the fact that this is digitally reworked material and the sound has been audibly improved. You young hoppers out there, pull the material purely, this here, this is still original RAC, honest and unadulterated!