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Band: We Want War
Album: Erratic
Label: Tinnitus Records
Medium: CD
Genre: Metalcore, Nu Metal

01. Hollow World
02. Tomorrow Never Comes (feat. Flatlander)
03. The Wanderer
04. Nordic Myth 20th Anniversary
05. Anti Antifa
06. New World Order
07. Eighty Eight
08. I Am Made Of
09. Tales Of Honor (feat. Flatlander / Final War Cover)

The Swedish metal band We Want War reported back after „Frontline” with their third album „Erratic”. With Tinnitus Records, the band has a new label from the United States of America, also promptly found a new partner. There they are too proud of the deal, after all, the album ultimately also anything but simply knitted music with three chords.

Beautiful metalcore on a high level. In the meantime, there is already a new album but I would like to go back to the predecessor. A production that is at least as good and in no way inferior to the successor. Also „Erratic” convinced already by its strong and quite hard playing, great guitar riffs and a brutal Schlagzueg. In contrast to the predecessor „Frontline” they have doubled the speed in places on this work and equipped with more force, songs like „Hollow World” or „Eighty Eight” are real hammer titles and shred the stereo. But also with calm tones the Swedish 1-man metal band convinces. The 20th Anniversary version of „Nordic Myth” is a wonderful example of this, the former metal number is available on this album as a new interpretation that starts quietly and picks up more and more speed. I really like that. Likewise, it continues with „I Am Made Of”, a song that also marches positively into the light on this album. Here the signs are in the style of Nu Metal, hard riffs, a lot of melody and rocking solos and classic Nu Metal elements. In addition, there are the extensive vocals of PJ, the head of We Want War. „Erratic” is a varied and hard album that will inspire with quality and skill.

Tinnitus Records has produced the album and made a real effort. The presentation is really professional and high quality, you could easily put „Erratic” in a music store and sell it. It wouldn’t stand out next to all the other metal. The album is technically clean and high quality produced, a strong sound that is really fun and will convince metalheads of all directions. Who hasn’t heard „Erratic” yet, has missed something!